Vintage Port Vintage Chart

Vintage Port 

Vintage Port is often considered the king of Port wines and is the only Port that ages in bottle. According to the IVDP, the grapes are harvested during a single year and then bottled two to three years after the vintage. It will develop over time for 10 to 50 years before it is ready to be consumed. What is nice about Vintage Port is that it can be consumed at almost any stage from 5 years onward.

“During the first five years, it retains the intense ruby of its original color, exuberant aromas of red fruits and wild berries and a taste of black chocolate, all of which is balanced by strong tannins that make it the perfect accompaniment to desserts that are rich in chocolate. After ten years in bottle, in addition to its throwing a light deposit, Vintage takes on garnet tones and attains a delicious plenitude of ripe fruit aromas and flavors. As the wine matures, its color turns a rich golden brown and its fruit acquires a greater subtlety and complexity and the deposit that it throws becomes thicker.” IVDP

Vintage Score Drink Rec Description
2007 98 Hold Structured yet refined. Balanced and harmonious, with precise and defined ripe fruit and polished tannins
2003 98 Hold Balanced, fresh and aromatic, with lovely ripe fruit and rich, powerful tannins; some classics
2000 97 Hold Aromatic, rich and ripe; serious structure
1997 96 Hold Textbook Vintage Ports, with lovely aromas, firm tannin backbones and a complement of ripe fruit
1995 92 Hold Extremely fruity, well-structured, with fine tannins, good length
1994 99 Hold Classic vintage; superlative structure, fabulous harmony
1992 94 Drink or hold Concentrated, tannic and fruity; best are classics
1991 93 Drink or hold Racy, harmonious, rich
1987 88 Drink Balanced and elegant, with good finesse
1985 93 Drink or Hold Opulent and intense, but some variability
1983 92 Drink or hold Powerful, tannic and ageworthy
1982 84 Drink or Hold Sweet and raisiny; unbalanced
1980 90 Drink or Hold Solid and well-structured, with focused fruit
1978 84 Drink Fruity, soft and ready
1977 97 Drink or hold Tough, tannic and complex; ageless
1975 80 Drink Light and one-dimensional, but fruity
1970 95 Drink or Hold Harmonious and well structured, with intense fruit
1967 88 Drink Angular and elegant; focused fruit
1966 93 Drink or Hold Iron backbone; fresh, with good concentration
1963 98 Drink or Hold Copious fruit; forceful and extremely ageworthy
1960 87 Drink Balanced, sweet and elegant; at its peak
1955 94 Drink Harmonious, refined, fruity, solid
1950 86 Drink Subtle, sweet, soft
1948 99 Drink Massive, superripe, powerful
1947 93 Drink Balanced, integrated, attractive
1945 98 Drink Superlative quality; concentrated
1935 95 Drink Aromatic, refined, firmly structured
1927 100 Drink Superb concentration; balanced
1917 88 Drink Ripe, rich, flavorful
1911 80 Drink Attractive, fruity, ripe
1908 94 Drink Balanced and flavorful
1904 90 Drink Delicate, balanced, fruity
1900 90 Drink Classy, balanced, delicate
¹ Vintage Description from Wine Spectator

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