Follow up Video: Pisco Winery Tour: Vista Alegre

This was my first visit to a Pisco winery, Bodegas Vista Alegre is located near Ica, Peru.

They have 180 Hectares of land dedicated to the production of grapes that are later used not only for Pisco but also still dry wines such as Malbec, Tempranillo and Pinot Blanc.  This place may be better known for its production of SOL DE ICA Pisco brand.

For more information on Vista Alegre, please visit their website at

Wondering how to taste Pisco? Video follow-up

Thanks for your patience! Here is the long awaited first video of my Pisco Series!

Today I tasted two types of the four main types Pisco:

Pure Pisco: Viñas de Oro, 2009 Quebranta Variety

Mosto Verde Pisco- Tres Generaciones, 2010 Quebranta Variety

Both of these are Peruvian Piscos and you could use the Pure Pisco for Pisco Sour. Stay tuned to more in my four-part Pisco series.