Quinta do Vesuvio Estate of Symington Family Estates in Douro, Portugal

It is amazing how wines are made in this region of the world. These are “lagares” where the grapes are destemmed, pumped into these huge lake like things, everyone walks over them, extracting the best must. Then they break the seal or sombrero- hat with a long stick and collect the juice. What a great experience!

Special thanks to Pedro Leal da Costa of Symington Family Estates for showing us around.

Visit to W. J Graham’s of the Symington Family Estates in Oporto

W. J Graham’s is part of the Symington Family Estates and is one of the most well known wineries in the region. Quinta do Vesuvio in an earlier visit is part of W.J. Graham’s and is one of the best known estates used for their port.  Marisol of W.J. Graham’s shows us around and provides us with some great tastings of Tawny and Ruby port.