The Newest and Greatest Little Wine Shop in NE Portland

Jeff Weissler, fellow wine blogger (@consiouswine) and now entrepreneur has recently opened a shop in the Kerns neighborhood of NorthEast Portland called Pairings Portland. The premise for the shop is to create a space for people, all people, to learn, discover and have fun with wine. I highly recommend you attend one of his great classes and check out the great sustainable wines he carries.

Thanks for joining us today and I hope you will take one of Jeff’s great culinary and wine pairings classes. To find out more check out his page at or at

Pairings Portland is located at 455 NE 24th Ave, Portland, OR 97232, cross streets are 24th and Glisan in the Kerns neighborhood.

“Our wine selection is set up by the foods they pair with. There’s a section called ‘By Cuisine’ and another ‘By Food’. The wines are also chosen based on the 4 Principles of ConsciousWine:

1. organic grapes
2. sustainably farmed
3. the ‘Star Wars’ factor
4. quality rockin’ wines”

Thank you Jeff for taking the time to talk to me about your great new shop! Cheers!

For more information, please visit

Portland has been invaded! North American Wine Bloggers’ Conference 2012

Portland has been invaded…by wine bloggers from all over the U.S. and North America! In case you are wondering what the these hashtags like #wbc12 and #avayc or #winelover mean, you aren’t the only one…even we bloggers aren’t quite sure what they are half the time.

Twitter has taken over the wine-blogging arena: the way bloggers talk to each other these days is by @ and # signs. When I first started blogging, I was overwhelmed by the @ people and # topics that people were discussing and using as their means of communication.

This weekend has been dominated by the #wbc12, which means, “Wine Bloggers’ Conference 2012.”, The Twitter term #avayc means American Viticultural Area Yamhill Carlton; #winelover is a team of endearment for fellow winelovers and also has a link to The Wine Hub, a great marketing method used by a fellow blogger to spread the love…of wine.

Interestingly enough, we are all trying to figure out how much influence we really carry and how much credibility we hold. As bloggers, we use the interactions we have with wines and wineries as a way to help disseminate information and spread the word on a particular region or wine.  To see the perceived expectations of impact we’ll have on the Oregon Wine Industry,  you can check out the news on us:

“Wine Bloggers Conference a chance for Oregon to shine,” Oregon Statesman Journal, August 18th

“Hundreds of bloggers gathering in Portland to help shine spotlight on Oregon wine,” The Oregonian, August 16, 2012

To see our real impact, Oregon may need to wait a few months to see the direct impact as these blogs are written and shared across the world. As Oregon is now my new home, I hope to create a strong impact outside Oregon for Oregon’s wine industry through what I write and represent. I blog simply because I love writing about wine and helping demystify the wine world for others. Stay tuned!