Winey Toddler: All about life, wine, and toddlers

Life continues to evolve and with it, the creation of Winey Toddler. As many of you now know, I have a little toddler who keeps me on my feet and busy…all the time. I’ve been wanting to create a place where I can write about how my life has changed since having a kid and honestly, Sacred Drop is more about wine, beer, and spirits, not about kids.

Winey Toddler was created with the premise that life with a toddler demands a good dose of humor and an incredible bottle…I mean, a glass of wine. It will be a place where I will talk about life as a mother, all things baby and toddler, life as the wife of a surgical resident, being a SAHM who consults, and of course, food, wine, and travel.  Please join me on this adventure!

Please check out Winey Toddler in the upcoming months as I begin to write more and more about life as I now know it.