Wondering how to taste Pisco?

Wondering how to taste Pisco?

Pisco is to be tasted by swirling the glass and taking a short, very short whiff, you will notice the burning alcohol this way. Not normally pleasant. What you have to do is take a short sip; DO NOT aerate in the mouth–it will burn your nose and throat. I did this and paid the price! Take a short sip, swirl in the mouth for a good 15 seconds, swallow, now…breath from the stomach, the aromas will come up and you will get hints of banana. It is similar to a vodka and light tequila mixed.  A way to smell it properly is to leave 2 drops in the glass, swirl the glass and empty the glass and dry the cup by waving it in the air for about 5 seconds, then smell the empty glass.  This way, you have gotten rid of the alcohol and can smell the base aromas.

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