Creating order out of chaos in Colorado: The Infinite Monkey Theorem

When one thinks of Colorado, you think of an outdoor wonderland of snow capped mountains, evergreen forests, bubbling streams and quaking aspens. It has yet to be known worldwide for its winemaking possibilities, especially given the harsh winters, hail storms, snow, and sometimes extreme summers. While most people would not think of Colorado as a state that produces wines, there are over a hundred wineries in the state. Most are small and family owned and the majority of the wine is sold primarily out of the tasting room and within the state. But one man, a British one at that, has been striving to make a statement with his Colorado wines by literally harnessing the chaos and putting it in a bottle.

Meet Ben Parsons, born in Kent, U.K., and later went on to work in Australia and New Zealand before making Colorado his home, working in the industry and then setting up his first winery in 2008.

You may ask, why the bizarre name? The infinite monkey theorem is an old mathematical theory where everything and anything is possible in infinity, if you keep trying. It is basically described as, a monkey would be able to create a work of art, such as Shakespeare by hitting a number of keys at random for an infinite amount of time. The way Ben describes it to me, is that it is similar to winemaking in Colorado, you need to create order out of chaos.

Join me as we talk about his new and innovative concept of an Urban Winery and struggles to take the wildness of Colorado and end up with a work of art in a bottle.

To visit Ben and his Urban Winery Wine Lab,visit their website or you can stop by and visit his wine lab off of 32nd and Larimer St in the RiNo Art district, during one of his increasingly popular First Friday or Third Thursdays of the month when he works with local food and pairs it with his stunning Syrahs, Cab Francs, Malbecs and Sauvignon Blancs, just to name a few. Make sure to try his Blind Watchmaker, a particular favorite of mine.


Infinite Monkey Theorem:
3200 Larimer Street, Denver, CO 80205, +1-303.736.8376

Schedule an appointment for a barrel tasting

Drop in during Wine Lab Hours:
5-10pm Wednesday through Saturday
2-7pm Sunday

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